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Startup: Lucidchart - Mind Maps and Charts Creator

Create mind maps, charts and online diagrams with Lucidchart. We thought that this would be a good site to share with you all! Give it a try and let us know what you think! Find out more at

Adobe "Unblur" Photoshop Feature

Adobe has been working on a new Photoshop Feature that lets you "unblur" an image. This is an awesome new feature, that I am sure we are all looking forward to. Find out more on Adobe Photoshop's Unblur Feature.

Supercomputer Predicts Future!

There is a new type of software that is able to research news from all over the planet and use it to predict future events. You can find out more about this software here: "Supercomputer Predicts Revolution".

Google Chrome Prediction and Preloading

Instant Pages on the new Google Chrome 13 is proving to be a very useful new feature, but you wouldn’t know to what extent. Behind the scenes Chrome will begin to load the first page result whilst you conduct a Google search. Before you’ve even clicked the search button, the majority of the page results will have already been loaded, effectively making search functions much quicker.

Google Plus Slows Down

Amidst a handful of conflicting reports is a growing interest in the popularity of Google’s recently released social project, Google+. According to comScore, Google+ has reached 25 million visits across the globe since its launch on 28 June 2011 with the majority based in the United States. Both Hitwise and Chitika have reported that the new platform has seen a considerable decline towards the latter portion of July, as has Google Buzz. In the meantime Google+ continues to evolve and refine its features.

Google Chrome 13

Released a week later than originally planned, Google has officially unveiled the first stable Chrome 13 build with print preview for Windows and Linux, page prerendering and partial URL matching in the address bar. Print previews make use of the built-in PDF viewer, whilst prerendering will load web pages and all associated resources (images, scripts and CSS files) at the same time as running any active content.Chrome 13 will also support partial URL matches making it much easier for users to revisit pages on the web.

London Underground and Google Maps

Now you can search for public transport directions throughout London using Google Maps. Getting from A to B is accessible on both Google Maps and Google Maps for mobile. Users can merely enter a search destination location, select it on the map and choose their favoured “directions” option. Currently public transport directions are available for all Underground, bus, tram and Docklands Light Railway (DLR) lines with more to be included in the mix soon. Workshop 21 September 2011

Bing is set to host a workshop on the 21st September 2011 in Silicon Valley following many discussions and feedback received after 2 June this year when it was announced that the search engine would collaborate with Google and Yahoo in order to create and support a set of standards for structured data markup on web pages. The workshop will serve as a “working session” to all who participate covering feedback and discussing options.

Multiple Calls With Gmail

Yet another feature for Gmail has recently been added – an option to make or take multiple calls simultaneously. Following in the footprints of Gmail chat, the ability to make calls through Google powered email and Google Voice, the new feature allows users to place a caller “on hold” by means of a pause button. Those with a Google Voice phone number can also now answer incoming calls, putting them on hold, without disconnecting from the active call.

The End to Google Labs?

Google recently announced that they will be “winding down” Google Labs in an effort to eventually put an end to Labs products and technologies. Google will continue to experiment with new features in each of their products in the aims to achieve higher levels of innovation. Updates on their progress can be viewed on the Google Labs website. Find out more about the End to Google Labs

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